Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a Twit I am

Hi Blog Readers,

Well indeed I did go to the Twitter festival aka Twestival tonight upstairs in the Sycamore club in Templebar. I heard about the fest through Darragh Doyle, a fellow Twitter user and blogger. I went to the event on my own, as few of my friends are Twitter users and being the socially awkward person I am, I found it hard to mingle. Next Twestival I will arrive with a friend or two and we will have a plan of attack for mingling and networking. What I did really like what that everyone was givin their twitter username on a sticker/badge so we could all get to know each other and see who was who in non cyber life. I am not sure about all of the Twitter lingo even though I have been a Twitter user since last Summer. I first got into using Twitter from hearing about it on, the online station I present a show on. I think the feed/updates we users send out to cyber space are called Tweets? Are we then Twits, Twitters or Twititizens?! There were many raffles (I think ten in all) and great prizes all in the aid of "charity:water". I didn't win anything which was a bit disappointing, though I only bought 6 tickets. After the Twestival, I headed to a karaoke in the Met bar. I sang Zombie by the Cranberries. The lyrics were amusingly wrong on the screen but that's karaoke for you. Instead of "it's the same old theme", there was "it's the same old team" ! My audition this morning went alot better than I expected, hoping I hear good news back soon.

p.s. For those interested the official Twestival site is

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How many mics?!

Hi Blog readers

I was just in Peadar Kearneys on Dame Street. I was hoping to play tonight but it didn't seem as open mic -ish as usual. There was a good band on when I left, not my cup of tea but the Klara Maker would have liked them. I knew if I stayed any longer I would get lazy and stay until 12 am and still probably not get a chance to play, though I enjoyed dropping in. It was great to see Tamala who runs it and it was a distraction from things I should be doing! I have an audition tomorrow morning and I am ill prepared. It is for a school touring play and I am going for the part of a 12 year old witch...emmmm no need for the men in white coats just yet - They were searching for female actors in their 20's for the part!I do think I need alot of beauty sleep though.

Believe it or not, I am totally sober in the photo below. Dani and I were in the toilets in Lillie's Bordello on Grafton Street on Monday and I just had to pose. Toilet pics are a must now on our nights out. Some people powder their noses in club toilets but we have other ideas. I hadn't been in Lillie's since New Year's Eve. I had such an awful night then that I hadn't been back.

On Tuesday I played in the Banker's open mic and the one at Peadar Kearneys afterward. I am really playing alot of open mics at the moment! I think I had dreadful stage fright in Bankers on Tuesday, although there is no actual stage there, perhaps it was just the idea of people actually listening to my songs. Tomorrow I will be at a Karaoke night but before that I will be going to Dublin's first ever Twestival! I shall tell you all about it tomorrow....

Signing off for now
Klara:) x

Sunday, February 08, 2009

sunny Sunday but I'm restless

Hi Blog readers,

The remaining nights of "Stoker" by Mike Poblete were sold out. It was great to perform to a packed theatre. Although I had of course seen many shows in the New Theatre, it was my first time to perform there.

I miss being Constance and accessing my inner rage and bitterness. I don't know if the play will be on again in the future but either way, despite some nerves, I had fun. Last night I was playing in Peadar Kearney's and I really didn't enjoy it. The electronics in my own electro acoustic guitar broke weeks ago and I had to get a lend of another performers guitar. I really wasn't used to the sound of it and it really put me off. I have to buy a new guitar as soon as possible. The two problems are funds and my choice in one. I usually go for a guitar that looks kind of pretty and plays pretty badly. I don't think that pub is suited as a music venue though, people only think of the music as background music to talk to and not to listen to....having said that, alot of the music they are probably better off not listening to. I am off to London on the 27th for a couple of days so lately I wish it was indefinitely. I am growing tired of how my life has fallen into a boring routine with nothing really progressing. The singer/songwriter and open mic scene in Dublin is depressing, although I would say it has always been that way! The film/theatre industry is so small here that some times it feels like I'm running around in little circles. I have a new video up on YouTube of a new song, called "Lead me on". I will come up with a finger style pattern at a later date. I played the song live on Monday at an open mic and still feel that it needs some changes.

I have been busy booking bands for Garageland for series 20 of the Garage gigs and am looking forward to seeing the new bands play. I gave up drinking alcohol just over a week ago. I know I shouldn't make this public because people will always enquire if I am still off alcohol from now on, some may even tempt me back to it;) So far, so good but last night I went out in the city, on a Saturday, surrounded by drunk people and found them all to be so irritating and was quite embarrassed for them. When I was a drunk myself, all I thought about was the next drink and next place I was going to.

Signing off now now

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi Blog readers

Well last night was the second night of "Stoker" and I have to say I enjoyed performing much more than Monday. First night nerves are not as pleasant as one would expect. I recorded a new song on my camera today.

The title is Lovers, which is an awful title, I might rename it later on. I wrote it a few weeks back but it's lyrics had more relevance to the way I was thinking this morning so thought now would be a good time to record it for YouTube, etc.

Signing off for now,

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi blog readers,

I have been busy the last while rehearsing for a play called "Stoker", by Mike Poblete. The show will run from the 26th - 31st January in the New Theatre in Templebar, Dublin.
Set to the historical backdrop of Bram Stoker's life in late 19th century London, "Stoker" is a fictional interpretation of the psychological journey of one of Ireland's greatest writers and tells the story of how he came to write one of the most successful and enduring novels of all time. It's directed by Kevin de la Isla and Ruth McGowan and starring Fergus Kealy, Sharon O’Donnell, Brian Robinson, Annmarie O’Donovan, Caoimhe O Malley, Sean Flanagan, Neill Fleming and ofcourse me.

Other than rehearsing for "Stoker", I have been writing new songs and playing open mics alot, mostly the ones at Peadar Kearneys on Dame Street. I played at the International for the first time a few days ago at Jacqueline Tucks' open mic and have recently started playing at the open mic in Bankers, run by Dave Murphy. I also sang at the Zodiac Sessions in Bruxelles in the last month. I don't think anything will happen with Hidden Faces for the moment. I will continue to play the open mics for the next while, then I hope to get back gigging properly by early Summer. I am gradually getting over my stage fright again.

I am not back recording until March as I have so much on at the moment. Hopefully the end of next month I will be off to London for a few days. I haven't made plans yet but I would really like to actually try network a bit rather than just shop until I drop. I am thinking about buying a new guitar over there though, the electro acoustic I have now has really seen better days!

Signing off for now,

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Xmas day

Dear blog readers,

I am currently in Carlow or Coorlow as I like to call it, best not ask why though. I am typing on a new mini lap top. It is so beautiful. I told my mother that I would marry it but wouldn't know how to have sex with it. I am not sure she knew what to make of that. I hope I develop a sense of humour someday soon. Santa has been very good to me this year. I also finally have a new tv that plays DVDs, new clothes, books, a comedy and tragedy chain, makeup etc and Fone Jacker series 1 and 2, which I shall watch over and over again.

Yesterday I spent the first half of Christmas Eve with Dani and Wayne. It has become a tradition. The ceremony of present opening, champagne drinking and looking forward to the randomness of the next year. Then I met up with my father, who gave me amazing presents, then with another friend Sarah for tea. Every where in the city was so crowded that we ended up having tea in what I would usually call an old mans pub. We tried to catch up while drunk people were singing or shouting the Auld Triangle. They asked me to take my guitar out and play along but I wasn't even a bit tempted. I made it just in time for the Carlow bus that evening.

Christmas time is strange in a way and can have awkward moments but so far so good today. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. I am anxious about ending the year and getting on to the next one. I want to make resolutions and try to stick to them as best as I can. I had such a crazy year and need to be more focused next year.I seem to do so many things at the moment that are unpaid or/and pointless. At least I am half way through recording my debut album. I want to get better at guitar and start gigging properly again. The Open mic scene, if there is such a thing, is quite depressing. Darren and Craig are currently looking for a new drummer for Hidden Faces, so I am sure new Hidden Faces gigs are in the pipe line.

Anyway I must sign off and eat some vegan Xmas dinner. Enjoy the festivities everyone.

Have fun, be good,

Klara xxx

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The day before the day before

Hi Blog readers

Yes today is the day before Christmas aka Xmas Eve. I really wasn't in the mood for the festivities until today. I literally shopped until I dropped today. Good old recession, great sales before Christmas rock. I was going to just buy myself loads of dresses but I did end up getting presents for people.

I am meeting the Waynage and Daniage tomorrow for brunch then later that night off to Carlow for a few days.

I had a lot of mad thoughts floating around my head over the last two weeks, ideas for songs, lines here and line there but haven't written a new full song in a while. I have given up writing break up songs for a while. I really should complete a new song soon and get it out there though....

Craig, guitarist in Hidden Faces just told me him and Darren are seeking a new drummer for the band. I wonder what 2009 holds in store for Hidden Faces.

Signing off for now
Klara:) x

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Little tree

Happy festive season. Well I suppose it begins now. I am not in a Christmas mood so tonight I put my tree up, all one foot of my tree, it's tiny and oh so tacky :) I tried to do some present shopping today in the city but crowds frustrate me.

I am at home in the dolls house, as I like to call it. Other people would call it other things. I had planned to write but my head is cluttered with too many ideas and Face Book distracted me for a while. I have restrained from poking in a while though.I am currently listening to Ryan Leslie's songs and tracks he's produced for other artists. I discovered him ages ago through YouTube. I quite like How It Was Supposed To Be. I must stop listening to break up songs, no wonder I write so many of them. It really isn't because I am one of those bitter hurt female singer songwriters. I still don't have a television at home and don't really miss watching one. Can I survive the holidays without watching bad television with my family when I visit....hmmmmm, we'll see. The last time I visited my mother I watched The X Factor and that was bad enough.

I have some new recordings up on myspace...check them out

They were recorded in Ashtown as usual. I have said before but I am recording my album there and so far so good. I am really into electro stuff at the moment. I love MGMT's track Electric Feel, just such a great vibe to it. I am still doing open mics around Dublin. Mostly the open mics at Peadar Kearney's on Dame Street. I do find it so hard to perform new songs for the first time but I think my open mic stage fright is diminishing.

The play I have been rehearsing the last while is called Stoker and will open at the New Theatre on the 25th Jan.

I am currently taking booking for gigs in Dublin city for Spring next year. If you are in a band and are interested in knowing more, please check out and email me at

Signing off til next time,